Building technology tools for creating better geospatial data

We build technology products with an intense focus on solving real world problems. Always thinking geographically with everything we build. We help governments make better decisions by thinking spatially, streamline mobile workforces for commercial energy markets, and build tools for companies large and small to manage their data with ruthless efficiency.


Fulcrum is a platform for building and deploying mobile data collection apps to smartphone devices, managing field survey activity, and optimizing mobile workforces to get the most out of their time in the field.

  • Map-centric data collection - Thinking spatially helps anyone working in the field to improve their process and create higher quality information.
  • Disconnected operation - We built Fulcrum to allow users to roam freely and still be able to capture the information they need when out of connectivity range. True usability is working whenever and wherever your work takes you.
  • Field efficiency + Data Integrity - Fully customized forms, custom survey logic, and an intuitive mobile interface allow mobile workforces to be as efficient as possible. Information managers and data analysts love the high quality, rich data they can capture.

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A mobile, easy-to-use interface for editing OpenStreetMap data, Pushpin allows contributors to quickly add points of interest and make edits to OpenStreetMap right from their iPhone or iPad. The OSM project is amazing because it enables local contributors to map their own environments, and Pushpin is helping to lower the bar to make it dead simple for anyone to add meaningful local context to the world's only free and open map database.

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Graffiti is common in virtually every city and increasing in suburban and rural communities around the world. What can we decipher or understand about the state of civil society or the social fabric at a point in time by mapping graffiti? Is this a canary in the coal mine or is it merely a historical artifact of social mood? GraffitiMapper is a simple mobile app for iOS that allows anyone to photograph and map locations of graffiti anywhere in the world.

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Mobile ApplicationsWith a focus on ground-level, high-fidelity information, our design and development team creates mobile applications to streamline the process of working in disconnected environments.

Cloud ServicesGreat mobile tools are made even stronger with efficient, centralized cloud systems. We use distributed architectures to build applications that scale, and make sure that everything we build orbits around a central platform, communicating information through APIs.

Open Architectures and FormatsOur technology platforms are always built to be extensible, standards-compliant, and ready for integration. When it comes to building tools for working with map data, we focus on open standards.