Our Data Products

Large scale

High-fidelity, street level data captured in-situ. Our data products provide the highest visibility to what really matters on the ground, particularly for human geography applications. Our products allow you to truly understand what happens in a given area with detailed information. It's nearly as good as being there in person.


Our global capacity for data production exceeds 1,000,000 hours per month, so when the need arises for massive data for an area over a short period of time, we're able to expand or contract capacity to meet market demands.


Our data products are produced and compiled from original collection and capture efforts. Given our long history of working in this space, our process for ensuring the highest quality and veracity of data integrity includes both technical resources and human capital management. We ensure that data included in our products has been verified by competent, qualified individuals.


Let's face it, there is a lot of concern about the accuracy of data and rightfully so. Data products included in our portfolio pass rigorous quality audits and screening prior release. However, prior to those screenings, we've engineered the entire workflow of data capture and collection in the field to prevent errors by commission or omission. We understand the many facets of accuracy, including positional accuracy (ie. how close is the street sign, as collected, to its true, absolute location on the earth) as well as qualitative accuracy (is the street sign red as indicated in the feature attributes) as well as precision (is the street sign cherry red in reality or some other variation of red).


Every piece of data in our product portfolio has a t value, that is, time stamp, usually expressed as both date + time and this allows us to offer product updates over a given area, or a continuous data feed (in our subscription products). This allows users to see change over time, or conduct more complex spatio-temporal modeling that isn't possible with other static data products.


Our production process ensures that data products within a given category are normalized and standardized. This allows for rapid analysis across a wide variety of attributes or feature characteristics, with confidence. Running reports or generating metrics against our data products requires no additional data process, cleansing or scrubbing as is so often the case.


We've invested in data analytics and social science research methodology to ensure that when we are engaged in field work that results in qualitative data values, that they are appropriate, calibrated and consistently normalized. We are able to rapidly adapt and build concise survey instruments that pose questions and elicit responses that help inform the analytical process and often drives deeper, more interrogative field work as follow on activities.

Contextually Relevant

We rely on hyper-local partners and resources to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive understanding of a given area of interest. The latent value of this approach is evident in our customer's satisfaction and insight gained by our approach. Understanding the local laws, customs, history, behaviors and circumstances at any given point in time is largely unappreciated the data products market. While we do normalize and standard our data products, we incorporate the invaluable local perspective and context that historically has set our data apart from any other.


Customers come to us for their data needs because we've demonstrated ourselves to be a reliable, trustworthy partner, particularly in providing very unique and often exclusive data products from the most challenging of places. Likewise, our international partners know that we maintain a strict non-disclosure agreement to ensure all parties have their business interests protected at all times.


Our data is available as one-time transfer or in an ongoing, continuous data feed. This ability to have data products contemporaneous with demand maximizes the overall utility and return on investment (ROI). Data delivery can accommodate virtually any configuration or demand, as well as frequency or period (from "as it happens" to as-requested).