Who We Are

The Company

Our ongoing cultural mission is to provide an optimum environment for fostering ideas into effective technology solutions for the global marketplace. This requires combining talented people, effective methodologies, a focused vision, and coffee...lots of coffee. A creative, collaborative culture means we agree and disagree, compliment and critique, teach and learn, but most importantly, do.


IntegrityWe honor our word. We all abide by the same set of rules. We admit to our failures and make things right.

PeopleWe believe in our team and we strive to demonstrate this by providing a challenging & rewarding environment that fosters collaboration and growth.

PassionWe are professionally and personally goal-oriented, driven by success, and by delivering quality solutions to our customers.

FulfillmentWe maintain a conviction that each day we will add meaningful value to the company, community, the industry and science, and most of all, to ourselves.

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We love to work with creative, industrious, hard-working people. Even at times when we’re all full up, we still love looking at resumes to keep people like you in mind for when we’re ready to deepen the bench. Excited to learn more?

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Giving Back

At SNI, we find importance in giving back. In addition to our donations and support for two cancer survivors that are near and dear to the SNI Family, we have also contributed time and money to several non-profits in times of need. Please consider spending a little time helping some of these great organizations.

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