Our Approach

At Spatial Networks, Inc., we have a long history of successfully solving hard problems for the most demanding of customers. The single, overriding factor to this success is our collective vision of leveraging geography in everything we do. We rarely have a conversation that doesn't center around "where" and our entire team, from software engineering to accounting, understands the value that place has in our business strategy as well as the challenges our customers face.

We have a long history of successfully solving hard problems

In the technology space, we are intentionally agnostic. While we are fans of open-source software, including many aspects of it in our various technology offerings, we are not so zealous about any one thing so as to lose sight of the most important reason we are in business; to solve customer's problems. We will make, use, hack or otherwise employ whatever technologies necessary at any given time on any given opportunity to satisfy the requirements. This allows us to remain lean and nimble in responding to evolutions in web, mobile and enterprise architectures. We do not necessarily or explicitly endorse any products (not even our own) if they do not seem to be a proper fit for the user.

We do not disappoint

We don't chase revenue. We solve customer problems and as a result, revenue takes care of itself. To be clear, we are very much a "for profit" enterprise and we are certainly not the lowest-cost solution, not by a long shot. We earn every penny we make and our value proposition has no equal.
In our analytics business, because of our solid, unshakeable foundation in geography, we naturally view a given problem and its potential solutions very differently than conventional analytical processes. We do not subscribe to the commoditized notion of removing the person from the process. True, we strive to automate and drive costs down on the most mundane of tasks that leverage computational power, but we also strongly believe in the contribution that people make to the art and science of our craft.