Our analysis is focused on answering the most important questions for our customers, such as, "where should I open a new store?", "where will conflict erupt?", and "how will a community vote?". We leverage our existing data and create original data-sets so that we can answer these questions for you.

Cutting Edge

We use the most cutting-edge tools found in the fields of data mining, statistics, and GIS. We detect patterns, highlight trends, and identify anomalies.


We are committed to providing you with exactly what you need in the form you want it in. Whether you like your analysis in a Leaflet map or a PDF report with bar graphs or pie charts, we are committed to providing our analysis in the way that makes the most sense to you.


We believe that in the 21st century you should be able to find quantitative analysis on any place in the world, no matter how remote or inaccessible. We have the capability to provide this analysis.


We provide world-class analysis on any theme in the world. Our analysis covers all 13 themes of human geography: demographics, religion, language, ethnicity, economy, education, land cover, medical/health, political/ideological, communications & media, significant events, transportation, and water.


We understand that today's analysis may not be relevant tomorrow. That is why we constantly update our analytical products to reflect new realities on the ground. We automate many quantitative aspects, so we can focus on the nuances and provide quick turn-around for our customers.