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Junior Intelligence Analyst

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We are in the business of innovation. At Spatial Networks we firmly believe in the power of company culture and its direct affect on success. Our ongoing mission is to provide an optimum environment for fostering ideas into effective technology solutions for global markets. This requires combining talented people, effective workflow, a focused mission and vision, and coffee... lots of coffee.  A creative, collaborative culture means we agree and disagree, complement and critique, teach and learn but most importantly, do. We have an energetic, fast-paced and fun environment that allows every team member the opportunity for growth. In addition to all the coffee you could possibly consume in a day, we offer an outstanding benefits package including medical, dental, vision, 401(k) and more.

The Junior Intelligence Analyst’s primary role is to research, analyze, and process information to generate business intelligence reports, studies, and other products based on specific client needs.

Required Qualifications

  • Must have 1-4 years practical experience in the intelligence analysis profession or a Bachelor of Science or Arts degree in Intelligence Operations, Political Science, International Studies, or similar program of study from an accredited university.
  • Capable of balancing multiple tasks simultaneously with no degradation in product quality.
  • Capable of integrating seamlessly with a team and while working independently.
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of critical thinking skills, and be capable of clear, logical, quantitative reasoning.
  • Possess strong writing and public speaking skills, and be capable of clear, concise communications.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the intelligence cycle processes, techniques, and organizations.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assist in research, analysis, and writing of accurate client-specific business intelligence products in support of overall Spatial Network goals.
  • Assist in product reviews leading to project completion.
  • Assist in assessing the significance, accuracy, and credibility of information.
  • Have a general understanding of historic global events and threats, and maintain awareness of current and emerging threats both domestically and abroad.
  • Assess Spatial Network’s operations and procedures to identify opportunities for improvement.

Desired Qualifications

  • Basic understanding of intelligence collection, functions, and operations.
  • Familiarization with collection and asset management.
  • Knowledge of a foreign languages is highly valued, especially if proficiency is demonstrated in Spanish, French, and Arabic.

Skills & Attributes

  • Creative, detail-oriented problem solver
  • Highly motivated, self-starting professional
  • Strong legal, moral, and ethical standards
  • Effective time and stress manager
  • Strong computer skills
  • Understanding of database applications and data mining techniques

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