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Data Collection Manager

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We are in the business of innovation. At Spatial Networks we firmly believe in the power of company culture and its direct affect on success. Our ongoing mission is to provide an optimum environment for fostering ideas into effective technology solutions for global markets. This requires combining talented people, effective workflow, a focused mission and vision, and coffee... lots of coffee.  A creative, collaborative culture means we agree and disagree, complement and critique, teach and learn but most importantly, do. We have an energetic, fast-paced and fun environment that allows every team member the opportunity for growth. In addition to all the coffee you could possibly consume in a day, we offer an outstanding benefits package including medical, dental, vision, 401(k) and more.

The Data Collection Manager coordinates with clients, source providers to develop comprehensive strategies, and integrate multi-discipline collection capabilities to address customer needs. Adjudicate requirements, analyze and investigate collection performance, and assess and report on end-to-end system performance data. Ensure the proper dissemination of products and advise clients on collection issues and progress.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Planning - Work with supervisor to develop long-term (roadmap), mid-term (projects), and short-term (huddles) planning strategies and tasks.
  • Project Management (Budget and Schedule) - Assist supervisor with scheduling and budgeting for data collection efforts and ensure that project deadlines and budgets are met.
  • Requirements Development - Work with supervisor, customer, and analytics team to develop and refine customer requirements for data collection projects.
  • Research Design - Design, develop, and revise mobile collection forms for use in a wide variety of data collection projects.
  • Documentation - Create, modify, and maintain documentation including planning, legal, and process documentation.
  • Project Management (Subcontractor Acquisition) - Communicate, negotiate, and train Company independent contractors in preparation for data collection projects.
  • Project Management (Quality Assurance) - Review and assess data quality during and after data collection efforts and provide feedback and guidance to subcontractors to ensure data quality and integrity.
  • Subcontractor Relations - Assist in cultivating subcontractor relationships by maintaining strong positive communication with independent contractors.
  • Professional Development - Continue to pursue areas of education and professional development necessary to maintain currency and execute best practices in the performance of your role. Monitor technological advances in tradecraft and business opportunities to ensure the Company maintains an edge and leadership posture.
  • Testing and Internal Requirements - Develop, document, and communicate mobile data collection platform bugs, feature requests, and requirements critical to the success of the Company data collection projects.
  • Utilities and Modification Development - Identify shortcomings and opportunities for streamlining data collection efforts and implement modifications, ancillary applications, and scripting to improve internal processes.
  • Product Delivery - Organize, package, and oversee the delivery of geospatial data products including web-based storage mechanisms and softcopy deliveries.
  • Business Development - Identify and pursue business opportunities for the Company and data users while communicating efforts to supervisor and team.
  • Marketing - Contribute to corporate marketing and promotional activities by developing marketing-focused white paper, case studies, blogs, research papers, graphics demonstrations, prototype concepts, conference presentations, can conceptual solutions that lead to business development efforts.

Required Qualifications

  • Understanding and proficient use of multiple means of communication mediums.
  • Comfortable with cross-cultural communications.
  • Utilize a combination of formal training and independent learning to develop and maintain subject matter expertise on current and looming country- and region-specific issues and/or transnational issues.
  • Success in managing multiple teams of people through training and performance management.

Desired Qualifications

  • Strong sales and negotiation skills
  • Proven ability to think and react on your feet
  • Self-starter, self-teacher
  • Ownership thinking
  • Desire to build something great

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