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Senior Rails Engineer

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We are in the business of innovation. At Spatial Networks we firmly believe in the power of company culture and its direct affect on success. Our ongoing mission is to provide an optimum environment for fostering ideas into effective technology solutions for global markets. This requires combining talented people, effective workflow, a focused mission and vision, and coffee... lots of coffee.  A creative, collaborative culture means we agree and disagree, complement and critique, teach and learn but most importantly, do. We have an energetic, fast-paced and fun environment that allows every team member the opportunity for growth. In addition to all the coffee you could possibly consume in a day, we offer an outstanding benefits package including medical, dental, vision, 401(k) and more.

We're looking for a talented, passionate Senior Rails Engineer with a strong command of software architecture, programming, latest web technologies and frameworks. Everything we do involves maps and data, with a focus on usability and simplicity. We thrive on building amazing mapping tools to help individuals and organizations solve problems. You would be joining a team of motivated engineers, geographers, and designers who spend everyday learning, teaching, and advancing the state of the art in geospatial technology.


  • 5+ years of experience in the field or in a related area. Multi-language experience and be comfortable in a multi-language environment.
  • Demonstrates expertise in a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures.
  • Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of complicated tasks. May provide consultation on complex projects and is considered to be the top level contributor/specialist.
  • Knowledge of Ruby, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, shell scripting, and Git. Beneficial to have an exposure to other languages like Python, PHP, Java, C++, or .NET.
  • Work with open source mapping tools like PostGIS, Leaflet, QGIS, + TileMill.
  • Front-end web development - The core of your role will be building front-end web tools, so a diverse background of knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other modern tech is critical. Experience with Git and GitHub are huge pluses, especially previous work on open source.


  • Responsible for the architecture of various applications.
  • Working as the lead on multiple projects and working closely with various teams.
  • Guide a team of developers through the project to completion.
  • Build and maintain web applications in a Ruby on Rails environment.
  • Responsible for initial design and development of new software or extensive software revisions.
  • Defines product requirements and creates high-level architectural specifications, ensuring feasibility, functionality, and integration with existing systems/platforms.
  • Write software that is easy to understand and read. Design software that works efficiently, regardless of whether it’s for the front- or back-end.
  • Target your interface designs toward the respective end user, first and foremost. Ensure your design adheres to basic principles, existing patterns, and best practices used within the application, company, and industry. Update designs as you gain experience and learn more of the problem space.
  • Be vigilant and design software with security and data integrity in mind; our customers crucially depend on us following through on our word in this area. Be aware of the industry happenings and new software releases; patch existing software to eliminate vulnerabilities. Understand standard practices within the software community for securing your software services and your users' data.
  • Test your software extensively with automated and manual tests to verify what you’ve created works, as you intended, doesn’t regress other parts of the system, and is of the highest quality.
  • Create user and developer documentation/walkthroughs/guides for new features as they are released, being sure to tailor the content the specific needs of the audience.


  • Understand data structures. Geography is a data-driven discipline, and you need an understanding of relational databases and data structure concepts.
  • A GTD attitude. Identify next actions, communicate intent, and execute. We're a fast-paced team, and this role covers a wide area, so a results-driven mentality is critical.
  • Ownership thinking. Have the ability to take ownership and make decisions. Passion and self-motivation is key. We don't micromanage, you'll be expected to own and deliver.
  • Desire to build something great and bring technical solutions to people to solve their problems.
  • Bonus: You love coffee, love geography + maps & have a good sense of humor.

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