Talking OpenStreetMap at State of the Map US

19 October 2012 by Coleman McCormick

Last weekend Zac and I attended the second State of the Map US conference in Portland, Oregon, with another 200+ OpenStreetMap community members from all over the US (and some international).

SotM group photo

All in all, it was a fantastic event, packed with great presentations from all sorts of angles and interests in OpenStreetMap – from software development, to cartography, to mapping in the field, to data visualization. The OpenStreetMap community is vibrant in every sense of the word, and is poised to take it to the next level given the project’s amazing growth so far in 2012.

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Project founder Steve Coast kicked off the first day with a great opener and his perspectives on OSM’s trajectory, and where he sees the important things ahead in 2013. He made a point of focusing on the serious commercial viability of OpenStreetMap as a dataset and platform, and announced a 2013 “Commercial Users Conference</a>” for businesses to get together and discuss OSM in the context of business, rather than from a volunteer or contributor standpoint. It’s exciting for the growth and maturity of the project.

Zac at State of the Map

I presented a side project of mine, field surveying water features (while out kayaking, fishing, and sailing) to add to OSM, with the objective of having an free and open dataset of nautical information that can be used by anyone to build their own nautical charts. Zac demonstrated the design process of our latest app, Pushpin, and the technical process of building out a mobile editor for OpenStreetMap data. We were only a small part of the great lineup of presenters. Dane Springmeyer and Artem Pavlenko covered new features in Mapnik 2.1, Nathaniel Kelso & Mike Migurski showed their terrain maps, and Martijn van Exel launched the next iteration of the “Re-Map-a-Tron” for fixing issues in OSM data. You can peruse the the talk schedule and check out a lot of the slides on the OSM wiki.

Included below are slides from both my and Zac’s talks. Let us know what you think in comments or find us on Twitter at @colemanm and @zacmcc. Photos are courtesy of Justin Miller, who took some great shots throughout the weekend, and are up on the Flickr group.

Coleman McCormick

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Coleman is a geographer and VP at Spatial Networks, working with users to bring Fulcrum’s field data capability into their organizations.