Operationalizing Fulcrum: A GEOINT Experience

04 June 2014 by Patrick Wilson

This past April Spatial Networks partook in it’s third consecutive GEOINT Symposium to showcase its technology, data, and analytic services to the geospatial intelligence community. In an effort to simulate one of our data production practices using Fulcrum, I sought out to ground truth and enhance publicly shared data about the City of Tampa’s surveillance cameras by rapidly creating and deploying a customized Fulcrum app. The web map application seen below is displaying real-time data using the data shares feature within Fulcrum which allows data to be published and immediately consumed from the field within minutes.

The chief difficulty when using existing data is in identifying relevant, reliable sources from the vast amount of publicly available information. However, this is not as great a challenge for those who know how to access local knowledge and how to leverage human experts who can create new tailored knowledge on the fly. Tapping into Spatial Networks’ global reach and fusing it’s technology to enhance existing data or to create new data products for GEOINT consumers resonated well with attendees to our booth throughout the week.

Patrick Wilson

About the author

Patrick is a GIS analyst that works with Fulcrum everyday to deploy mobile mapping projects for our users.