The First 3 Months of Pushpin and OpenStreetMap

10 January 2013 by Coleman McCormick

Since we released Pushpin back in October, our mobile editor for OpenStreetMap, we’ve seen fantastic adoption and usage of the app in these first three months. We want Pushpin to not only be compelling and useful to current OpenStreetMap users (which it has already proven to be), but also to drive interest and participation from completely new mappers – those who have signed up, but never understood how to make edits, or those wholly new to OSM that find it interesting.

Let’s take the time to look back at the first few months in terms of Pushpin users, edits, and a few other interesting stats.

The app and its user base

Since October, we’ve had over 4,200 downloads from the App Store, from 83 countries around the world. Of these total downloads, 431 unique users have made at least one edit using Pushpin. Zac put together a stats page that shows a stream of editing activity, updated every 10 minutes or so, so you can follow live changes happening from Pushpin. It’s great to see numbers like this, but the cool numbers showcase how many people have made (and continue to make) significant edits on an ongoing basis:

  • 25+ edits: 86 users
  • 50+ edits: 50 users
  • 100+ edits: 20 users

These are great numbers to see, but the stats I find super gratifying are how many users made their first ever edit on OpenStreetMap using Pushpin, which is up to several dozen so far. There are also a few users who have many edits now that have only ever used Pushpin for mapping. This seems like small potatoes, but it could be momentous for the project at-large. Its been shown before that getting a newly registered user to learn and understand enough to make their first edit is a huge climb, though improving every day with the tireless work of the OSM developer community. We’re excited to be advancing this cause to get new users interested and making edits!


In total there have been 11,123 edits with Pushpin (as of this writing), including completely new data, and edits to existing data. Pushpin has been used to edit data in 64 countries, including places as varied as Réunion, Estonia, Afghanistan, Ghana, East Timor, and Sri Lanka. Here’s is a map I put together showing a snapshot of the edits to-date worldwide, to get a sense for the spread of its user base:

We released a significant update back in early December that makes Pushpin a far more powerful editor. With the added functionality to sign up for OSM from within the app, we’re hoping to drive even further awareness and knowledge of OSM, and more importantly, get new users to make edits and improvements to data in their neighborhoods. Thanks to all of the OSM users who have used Pushpin so far and made feature requests! You’re the reason that Pushpin and the OpenStreetMap data keep getting better and better.

Make sure to follow @pushpinapp on Twitter for announcements and info about future updates!

Coleman McCormick

About the author

Coleman is a geographer and VP at Spatial Networks, working with users to bring Fulcrum’s field data capability into their organizations.