Attending FedGeoDay 2013

26 February 2013 by Coleman McCormick

This week we’ll be at FedGeoDay in Washington, DC, talking with government and industry about modern tools and technologies for doing work with maps and data. The schedule is packed with fantastic speakers talking about things like building beautiful maps with open source, new ways to look at geo analysis, how to tell stories with maps, and the growth of the OpenStreetMap project.

In the afternoon, look for Brian Flood’s session on the awesome additions to Arc2Earth providing syncing services to allow you to work with data collected in Fulcrum. This functionality is huge for users who want to bring data from the field and push it into another platform for analytics or presentation, like Mapbox (with TileMill Connect), CartoDB, or Google Fusion Tables. With Fulcrum as a cost-effective alternative for mobile surveying and data collection needs, users no longer need to invest in expensive, proprietary hardware to get valuable information from the field. And with these added capabilities in Arc2Earth, visualization and distribution of data becomes even simpler.

The schedule is packed with great sessions, and it’s exciting to see so much innovation in alternatives to . I’ll be at the conference all day, so track me down if you want to talk about mobile tools for mapping, data collection, and how we use open source geospatial technology in our work.

Coleman McCormick

About the author

Coleman is a geographer and VP at Spatial Networks, working with users to bring Fulcrum’s field data capability into their organizations.